Important Tips Before an Eye Lash Lift Treatment

  • Make sure all makeup traces are removed at least 24 hours before the service to avoid having any oils from the makeup remover or residue of makeup on the lashes on the day of service

  • ABSOLUTELY no makeup of any kind! Mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, etc. Nor any oils, eye creams, etc on or near the lashes PLEASE. If any residue of any kind is found on the lashes, the products may not work properly and the results may not be the best or the procedure may fail entirely

  • During the procedure both eyes will be closed so to avoid jumpy eyes, we recommend no caffeine prior to the service to avoid you not being able to relax

  • If you wear contacts, please be sure to remove these prior to starting the treatment to avoid any possible discomfort during the service


Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! See you soon!!!

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Service that adds a natural curl, elongates and thickens your natural lashes! 6-8 week results with NO maintenance required. Anyone with lashes is a perfect candidate!
Lash Lift
1 hr 15 min

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